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Our Aesthetic medicine!

We are specialized in advanced technologies to give visible results without surgery


Thermal shock

The defense mechanism triggered to counteract the cold, stimulates blood circulation, the endocrine system, the immune system and the central nervous system with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, pain-relieving, anti-metabolic and antidepressant properties.
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Hifu Face

Non-surgical lifting

Specific treatment of relaxation and aging of tissues. Focused ultrasound of very high precision and high frequency.

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Hifu Body

Localized Adiposity

Hifu Body is the new technology aesthetic surgery tool available to the cosmetic surgeon to offer patients innovative treatments with exciting results. We are talking about high intensity ultrasounds focused on the desired depth that heat the target tissue at the programmed temperature in order to generate the desired result.

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Crio and Transdermal Vehicle

Transdermal delivery is a completely painless treatment that consists in subjecting the body cells to a very slight low voltage electrical discharge. It consists in passing on the skin (where needed), a special handpiece that working on impulses, creates a pulsed electric field: the former favor the dilation of the skin pores, the current carries the specific substances (hyaluronic acid and collagen) into the dermis)
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Oxypure P010

Oxygen for the skin

Oxygen is a fundamental element for life and a fundamental element for cells. The new technology signed Eb medical allows to use oxygen propulsion at the tissue level.
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