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Dual System IPL - RF

The first equipment that combines the effectiveness of two technologies: Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency. Dual System IPL-RF allows the medical practice to offer multiple treatments for different needs related to the aesthetics and well-being of the patient. In fact, there are different possibilities of use, from anti-aging to vascularization, from the treatment of acneic skin to the clearing of skin blemishes.



Photo Aging. The signs of photo-aging can be prevented by avoiding exposure to the sun, but in the coldest periods of the year, when it is no longer possible to prevent exposure to the sun during the hot season, pulsed light is the most effective therapy.


Epilation. Pulsed light hair removal is an aesthetic technique that allows the permanent removal of unwanted hair thanks to the increase in temperature that is transferred to the hair bulb. The hair bulb undergoes degeneration, leaving the skin around the follicle unaltered.


Vascular Treatment. Pulsed light is effective because the IPL ray (with a filter appropriate to the type of vascular treatment) is absorbed by the hemoglobin and red pigments that unite the vascular lesions.


Hyper-pigmentation. Pulsed light treatments tend to be more precise than chemical peelings, as they use high-energy light beams oriented to reach the points concerned. The skin can be treated on the surface or in the deepest layer depending on the severity of the hyperpigmentation.

Acne. Thanks to the pulsed light, the skin of the face is irradiated with a light of a particular frequency that stimulates the immune system to destroy the bacteria responsible for acne. The sessions are absolutely painless and without any side effects.

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