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Cloe: Combined Thermal Crio Equipment

The electro-medical devices are increasingly penetrating into everyday life. The use of "non-invasive" techniques is finding an increasing interest in the aesthetic field for the treatment of skin imperfections or for micro-interventions that would otherwise require the use of classical surgical instruments.

Progetech, in collaboration with Eb Medical, has developed two extremely innovative solutions in this field (Airone and Argo) exploiting two "non-invasive" technologies: cryogenics and the voltaic arc.

The success of these solutions on the Italian market has pushed the partnership to direct the international market with a specific promotion plan called "CLOE project".

The project, initially designed for the Airone system only, has been extended to the Argo system in consideration of the significant synergies existing between the two solutions and the possibility of being able to present them jointly on the market by optimizing marketing and promotion costs.

Main targets

The main purpose of the CLOE project is to define a plan of actions to penetrate international markets with the aim of:
• establish business contacts with different countries in the EU territory and non-EU territory
• increase the competitiveness of products and solutions promoted
• favor relations with foreign investors for the development of future solutions
• define some concrete commercial proposals
For the companies taking part in the partnership it will also be an opportunity to:
• jointly directing a vast, much larger market that can significantly contribute to the overall turnover of individual companies
• widen the market of each company, improving its positioning.

Project description

The CLOE Project is part of an investment plan that the companies participating in the initiative co-financed by the Lazio region, gathered in ATI, have decided to undertake to improve their strategic positioning and commercialize their most advanced solutions on the international market.
CLOE arises from the need to put together, engineer and integrate the solutions devised within the ATI in the electromedical field.
The initial target of reference is that of dentists, of aesthetic doctors, of distributors, but the solutions that we intend to internationalize can also be addressed to other sectors (surgery, ophthalmology, wellness centers, etc.).


The main objectives that the CLOE project intends to achieve are:
• use national and international events to address the foreign market by creating a significant network of contacts
• regularly promote the identified solutions within the identified international network of contacts
• identify some concrete business opportunities to direct the commercial effort

Project value

The project value is of € 402.000 and it is 50% co-financed form Regione Lazio. 
Progetech and Eb Medical will manage the Cloe project towards and ATI in which Progetech has the role of leader.